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Mixed race Germany-Belarus 50|50

Comp Card
Age: 22
Height: 176
Weight: 53
Figure: 33B-23-35 83B-59-90
Skin Color: Light, pale white
Nationality: Germany
Genres: Model Shooting Presenter Runway model Booth Babe Acting Bikini
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Female model for shooting product eyeliner and Eyebrow Pencil on 2-3 Mar 2018 Female Model for Hair Mask Product Self VDO Review Female Model for EVA AIR event at Central World on 7,8 Sep 2019 Female Model 20 Persons for Financial Expo at Merriot Marquis Queens Park on 24 Nov 2019 Male and Female Model for Shooting Promote Hotel in Bangkok on 7 and 25 Nov 2019 Female Model for Self Photo Shooting with Washable Mask in Thailand Male and Female Extra for VDO Organization for Rubber Gloves Product in Bangkok on 15 May 2020 Male and Female Skillful Roller Blade for Drive in Theater Event at MEGA Bangna on 2,3,4,5 Jul 2020 Family Shooting Male, Female and Kid for VDO Rubber Tile in Bangkok on 20 Jul 2020 Female Model for Natural Spa Shooting in Bangkok on Mid of Aug 2020 Female Model for Dress Shooting in Bangkok on 4 Aug 2020 Male Female and Kid Model for Five Star Hotel Shooting in Hua Hin Female Model with Blond Hair for Mask Shooting Half-Day in Bangkok Female Model for Facebook Posting for Diet Supplementary Product Female Model for Company Calendar Shooting One Day During 15 - 20 Sep 2020 Two Female Models for Event at Department Store in Asok on 25,26,27 Dec 2020 Female Model for Football T-Shirt Shooting in Bangkok on 8 Oct 2020 Male and Female Model age 18 - 28 Years for Cosmetic Product Shooting for Online Media on Nov 2020 Female Model for Cosmetic Product VDO Shooting on Beginning of Nov 2020 Female Model for Sanitary Ware Shooting in Bangkok One Day During 13-15 Nov 2020 Female Models for Sanitary Ware Product TVC Shooting in Bangkok on 12,13 Nov 2020 Male and Female Model for Dress Shooting One Day During 16-20 Nov 2020 Male and Female Model for Troop Event at Terminal 21 on 25 Dec 2020 Male and Female Model for Photoshoot for Bedding Product in Bangkok on 1 Dec 2020 Male and Female Model in Swimsuit and Bikini for TV Drama Shooting in Phang-Nga on 1, 2 Dec 2020