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Vlas Vlasy

Vlas Vasily

Comp Card
Age: 40
Height: 176
Weight: 70
Figure: 41-31-36 105-78-92
Skin Color: Medium, white to light brown
Nationality: Russian Federation
Genres: Runway model Acting Sexy Bikini Underware Nude
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2017 TVC. PROJ. Director (RAJ & D. K.). Role - Officer. (India movie)
2016 H.F. Love with the limitation. Director (Dmitry Tyurin). Role - Each GL Character.

2016 H.F Lucky Case. Director (Roman Samgin). Role - Airline Pilot.

2017 D.F. The Legend State Security. Director (Gureshidze Alexander). Role - Scout Kuznetsov.

2016 D.F. Aganin. Director (Kitaicev Aleksei). Role - German soldiers.


2018 R.R. Courtyard by Marriott Singapore Hotel. Director (Max Malkin). Role - Bartender. (Advertising).


2018 TVC. Eye-to-Eye. Director (Dmitry Panteleev). Role - Eugene.

2018 TVC. the Duo on the right. Director (Zhuravkin Michael). Role - Starlings.

2018 TVC. Grandchildren of the king. Director (Puntavanob Tavakoon). Role - Soldier. (Thai Movie)

2018 TVC. The bad girl. Director (Khun Tawan Jarujinda). Role - Bartender. (Thai TV series)

2017 TVC. Witnesses. Director (Boris Kazakov). Role - The Novel.

2017 TVC. Оur children. Director (Olga Muzaleva). Role - Yuri Yakovlevich.

2017 Т.S. So with witnesses. Director (Boris Kazakov). Role.- The Novel.

2017 T.S. Morozova. Director (Lesogorov Sergei). Role - Operas.

2016 T.S. Attorneys. Director (Sergey Repetsky). Role - The Investigator.

2016 T.S. Moor. Director (Nataliya Mikryukova). Role - The Waiter.

2016 T.S. Operation Moscow. Director (Roy). Role - Russian guy.

2016 T.S. Last ment 2. Director (Mikhail Polyakov). Role - The Nurse.

2016 T.S. The Agency Covert Camera. Director (Vyacheslav Padalka). Role - The Lover.

2016 T.S. Of The Money. Director (Ivan Shcheglov). Role - The Armored Vehicle.

2016 K.F. Rossia Hotel. Director (Sergey Sentsov). Role - an agent of the anti-corruption squad.

2016 K.F. Fight Breakdown. Director (Bordukov Eduard). Role - Operator at TV.

2016 T.S. Police officer with the ruble 2. Director (Ilya Kulikov). Role - The Boy.

2015 T.S. Mata Hari. Director (Julius Berg). Role - Agent.

2015 T.S. Vlasik. Director (Alexei Muradov). Role - A Security Guard Of Stalin.

2015 T.S. How I became a Russian. Director (Konstantin Statskiy). Role - A Boxer.

2015 T.S. Junior 3. Director (Sergei Arlanov). Role - Second coach.

2014 T.S. Sword 2. Director (Aleksei Lukanev). Role - Precinct policeman.

2014 T.C. Girls will understand. Director (Vladimir Nagorny). Role - the Guy on the Date.

2013 T.C. Prosecutor's check. Director (Igor Romashchenko). Role - Precinct policeman.

2011 T.S. The Right to the Truth. Director (Nikolay Baryshnikov). Role - Policeman.

Work at various events.

"Volkswagen Amarok Power Pro Show" Promo model - questioning the attraction to the stand.
"Birthday Avgust Group in the Congress Hotel Arial". Hostess.
"Catalogo sports equipment 2K" Model.
"A catalogue of the lower" Model.
"Catalog of Bathrobes and pajamas" Model.
"JSC.SIBUR-holding" Congratulations on March 8 in the Office.
"Russco Conference for Pierre Fabre". Supervisor.
"Team building Mercedes bestracks". Assistant Lead.
"Cocktail SOGAZ" Assistance in organizing the photo area.
"Birthday Ile De Beaute" Attracting visitors to point of sales.
FORWARD.Showing sportswear, summer            and   winter suits and jackets.
   "Meeting Seating" on the conferences.
   "Support" VIP guests at receptions.
   "400 years of the Romanov dynasty Kremlin",     the Awarding ceremony in the Kremlin.
   "Awarding" of prizes and gifts at corporate            events international holidays. 
   "Directory of Photography" underwear, special     clothes, youth clothes, furs and leather, body       art, exhibitions. 
   "Volkswagen Golf, Renault". Promotions.Wine      tasting( Enoteca "Alphabet of Taste").
   "Luxury travel". Hostess - hotel METROPOLE     exhibition magazine . 
   "Adidas".(Night race-accepting applications,         questionnaires, registration). 
   "make up day".Exhibition - the old man                 character from Lord of the rings.
   "Intersharm" (Cosmetics and makeup)