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Elle Jennie


Comp Card
Age: 19
Height: 177
Weight: 64
Figure: 36C-28-39 91C-72-100
Skin Color: White, fair
Nationality: United States of America
Genres: Model Shooting Presenter Runway model Booth Babe MC Singer Staff Acting Sexy Photographer
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Sally's Escape (Short)
The Apple Tree (Animated) Going Bongo
Mr. Righteous
Hot Yoga Spot (Commercial) Infatuation
Taking Woodstock
War of the Worlds
Sad Serenade
Day By Day
A Christmas Carol
Kiss Me Kate
Rock Of Ages
Sister Act
The Who's Tommy
The Man From Nebraska Much Ado About Nothing White Christmas
Status Quo Vadis
The Laramie Project
Twelfth Night
Little Shop of Horrors ThreePenny Opera
Jacques Brel is Alive & Well No Exit
Anthropomorphosis Lysistrata
Vagina Monologues
Theater Arts Festival
West Side Story
Acting for Film/Stage Combat
Theater Major (Acting, Voice, Shakespeare, etc)
Acting for Film/Television
ChekhovTechnique, Improvisation, Pantomime
Special Skills:
Can read music, basic piano/guitar, tennis, wine/spirit rep, horseback rider, swim, singer, yoga, average juggler, passport, driver’s license, incredible memorization skills Languages: Some Spanish and Japanese Dialects: Irish, British (different dialects), German, Southern, others are picked up quickly
Vocal Range: Alto/MezzoSoprano
Ensemble Protester Nunsemble Ensemble Tamyra Ursula
Judy Haynes Irene
Sister James Reggie Fluty +9 Viola/Cesario Sally Bowles Chiffon
HP&P, Dir. Chris McGinnis, Haddonfield, NJ HP&P, Dir. Ed Doyle, Haddonfield, NJ OBSP, Dir. John Stephan, Levoy Theater, NJ OBSP, Dir. Bryan Pitt, Levoy Theater, NJ ACT, Albany, NY
TCT, Troy, NY Proctors, NY Dir. David Patrick Wilson, NY Dir. John Birchler, CTG, Proctors, NY Dir. Adam Coons, ACT,NY Dir. Juliet King, Albany Civic Theatre
Dir. Chad Larabee, Albany, NY SA Musical Theatre Co, Albany NY St. Rose Drama, NY St. Rose Drama, NY Emeritus Center, Albany, NY
Michael Chekhov Project, NYC Dir. David H. Cohen Studio Upstairs Repertory, NYC Apprentice Players, Orange Theater, NY French Woods Playhouse, Hancock, NY Helen Hayes Performing Arts Center NYC Paramount Theater, Middletown, NY
Jennie Pines
Cell: (845) 551-8636 Email: Jennie.Pines@gmail.com Eyes: Green Bust: 36 inches Waist: 28 inches
Hair: Long, Red/Brown Height: 5’9.5
Hips: 39 inches Age range: 18-30
Sally (Texas Chainsaw) Luna (character model) Nurse
iPhone Hipster
Valerie Featured
Chloe (female lead)
Dir. Gus Trapani, NY Scott Storm, Cantankerous Films, Hollywood Dir. Dean Matthew Ronalds
Dir. David Cross, Honors Productions Anti-Hero Productions, Dir. Jared Balog Saratoga/Albany, NY
Tribe The Road Co., Dir. John Blackwell, Grand Theater Ghost-Christmas Past/Niece/Choreographer HP&P, Haddonfield, NJ
Camp Counselor
Ferry Survivor
Sexy Jogger (+)
Crying Woman(Credited) FujiTV,NYC (9/11 Special)
Jenny Diver “Carnival”/”Amsterdam” Inès Serrano
“America”-West Side Story Teresita
Dir. Oseratin Omorodian , NY Focus Features, Dir. Ang Lee
Paramount Pictures/Dreamworks Dir. Steven Spielberg Greenstaff Inc. NYC (Korean TV)
NYFA, Harvard Program University @ Albany, NY (Two Camera Stud Michael Laibson/Weist Barron, NYC
David H. Cohen, The MichaelChekhovProject, NYC Arielle Egan, NJ/Frances Wittmann/Mark Gargulio, NY Wendy Cutting Dance Studio, NY/Private
Male and Female American Model for English Learning VDO for English Learning Institute in Mar 2019