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Khaimook Kanoknapa

ไข่มุก กนกนภา

Comp Card
Age: 27
Height: 163
Weight: 49
Figure: 33B-26-36 83B-65-91
Skin Color: Light, pale white
Nationality: Thailand
Genres: Model Shooting Presenter Runway model Booth Babe Singer PC Dancer Acting Sexy
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พริตตี้, นางแบบ ,รีวิวสินค้า, ร้องเพลง,
เคยออกรายการ i can see you voice(ร้องเพราะ) ep:อะตอมแสตมป์ และรายการเทคมีเอ้าไทยแลนด์ ss.16
Female Model for Cosmetic Product Self Review in June 2020 Two Female Pretty for Sport Event in Rayong on 1 Aug 2020 Female Model for PhotoStock Shooting in Bangkok on 27 Aug 2020 Female Model for Photoshoot in Rayong on 23 Aug 2020 Female Pretty for Roadshow Event in Rayong on 24 Sep 2020 Female Model for Hair Product Shooting in October 2020 Female Model for Restaurant Review in Pattaya on 9 Oct 2020 Female Model for Car Accessory Shooting in Chonbury on 20 Nov 2021 Male and Female Model for Hotel Shooting in Pattaya on 15 Nov 2020 Male and Female Model for VDO Presentation Shooting in Bangkok Male and Female Model for Troop Event at Terminal 21 Bangkok on 25 Dec 2021