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Fiw Sunita

ฟิว สุนิตา

Comp Card
Age: 22
Height: 156
Weight: 44
Figure: 32-28-30 82-70-75
Skin Color: Medium, white to light brown
Nationality: Thailand
Genres: Model Shooting Presenter Booth Babe MC PC Staff DJ Dancer Nude Makeup Artist Photographer
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Pretty and MC for Safety Campaign in Songkla Female MC for SCG Thongsong on 12 March 2016 Pretty for outdoor event in Songkla on 19 Dec 2017 Female MC in Central Hatyai on 24 Mar 2018 Female Model for Short Hair Cut in Hatyai on 8 Jan 2019 Male Model for Event in Phuket on 22 and 23 Mar 2019 Female Pretty and MC for Event in Hatyai on 23 June 2019 Two Female Models for Event at Royal City Phuket Hotel on 1 Aug 2019 Female MC for Event in Hatyai on 22 Aug 2019 Pretty Girl for Event at Makro Hatyai on 19,20,21 Sep 2019 Two Pretty for Event in Krabi on 25 Sep 2019 Female MC for Event in Thungsong on 26 Sep 2019 Male and Female Model for Boat Trip Shooting in Phuket on 2 Oct 2019 Female Model for Tour Package Promotion in Ko Lan, Pattaya Shooting One Day during 1-9 Nov 2019 Male and Female Model for Advertisement Shooting in Hua-Hin on 23 Dec 2019 Female PC for Thai Fight Event in Phuket on 21 Dec 2019 Female MC for Seminar in Hatyai on 11 and 12 Jan 2020 Male and Female Model ag 8-40 for Hotel Shooting in Phuket in February 2020 Female Pretty and MC for Event at Central Phuket on 11,12 Jan 2020 Four PC for Event at Bali Hai Pier Pattaya on 16,17,18,19 Jan 2020 Ten Female Model for Songkran Event in Ao Nang, Krabi on 13, 14 Apr 2020 Chinese Female MC for Event in Pattaya on 18,19 Jan 2020