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O Opus

Comp Card
Age: 53
Height: 160
Weight: 60
Figure: 0-0-0 0-0-0
Skin Color: Olive, moderate brown
Nationality: Thailand
Genres: Model Shooting Presenter MC Acting
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About me:

A Registered Nurse with over 15 years of NGO experience. Currently unemployed with responsibility of a father with 5 children. Being realized for having strong desire and passion to become professional singer, actor, TV news presenter, MC for social and/or business event.
Job product review for pudding male and female require selfie shooting. MC for E-San industrial fair 2017 in Khonkaen University on 16-19 Feb 2017 Male and female MC in FTA/AEC 2017 in Surathani on 15 Feb 2017 Staff for shooting VDO clip in Chantaburi Province on 15 Feb 2017 MC in Nakhorn Swan on 17,18,19 Feb 2017 Actor and actress for Exercise Machines for TV direct in Korea on 21 Feb 2017 Male and female model for fashion dress shooting in Bangkok on 3 Mar 2017 MC and pretty for house opening in Prachinburi Province on 9 Mar 2017