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Chermei Pimphaka

เฌอเม พิมพ์ผกา

Comp Card
Age: 22
Height: 165
Weight: 45
Figure: 30C-24-33 77C-62-83
Skin Color: Medium, white to light brown
Nationality: Thailand
Genres: Model Shooting Presenter Runway model
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Female model for product contact lens shooting in Bangkok on Apr or May 2018 Female Model for Thai Dress Shooting in Petchaburi on 9 Feb 2019 Female Model with Beautiful Leg for Shoe Shooting in Bangkok on 12 Feb 2019 Male and Female For Dating Application from 9-23 Feb 2019 Female Model for Product CC Cream Shooting in Jul 2019 Female Model for Swimsuit Shooting in July 2019 Male and Female Model ag 8-40 for Hotel Shooting in Phuket in February 2020 Female Model for Street Shooting on 13 and 14 Jan 2020 Female Model for Cosmetic Lipstick and Powder Shooting in Bangkok in January 2020 Female Model with Tan Skin for Bikini Set Shooting in Pattaya on Mid of June 2020 Male and Female Model for TVC Shooting on End of July 2020 Male Female Adult Teen and Kid Models for Photo Shooting Ads Online on 29 June 2020 Female Model for Underwear's Product Shooting in Bangkok on 11 or 18 July 2020 Female Model for Breast Enlargement Supplementary Product Self Photo Shooting Review Pretty for Event at Bangkok International Motor Show 2020 from 15 - 26 Jul 2020 Male and Female Model for Troop Event at Terminal 21 on 25 Dec 2020 Male and Female Model for Photoshoot for Bedding Product in Bangkok on 1 Dec 2020 Female Model for Fashion Dresses Shooting in Bangkok on 9 Dec 2020 Male and Female for Wedding Dress Shooting in Bankok Female Model Size XS to S for Dress Shooting in Studio on 1 Oct 2021 Male and Female Model for Logistic Promote Four Pretty Girls for Auto Event on 3 Nov 2021 Female Model for Shooting Phuket Trip